Graphic Design

Freelance & Pro Bono Work

Logo work for clients and personal projects.
A grid of 6 squares, with each square framing a logo design.
Personal Branding
Recently, I used Figma to create a new Linkedin banner for myself.

I created the original banner seen below using Sketch App, but I unfortunately lost the file in a tragic external hard drive accident (sad face.) So I started from scratch, taking the opportunity to recreate elements I liked best while simplifying the overall look.
A screenshot from Figma, showing variations on a Linkedin banner design. We also see vector illustration elements like a Dreamcast controller and a pencil off to the side.
After seeking & receiving feedback, I went with a dark color scheme.
Linkedin banner design with a dark purple background and Irene Geller's name and "Game UX/UI Designer" in the center. Illustrated elements floating around the banner include a dreamcast controller and cable, teal post it notes, a pink and blue colored pencil, and an opened sketchbook with UI design sketches inside.