Branding & Design

Pro Tapes | 2023

Leading the company-wide branding for Pro Tapes as a "design team of one." Creating original designs and content for marketing.

Logo Rebranding
I revised the Pro Tapes logo after the business was acquired by Shurtape Technologies in December 2022. I used this opportunity to modernize the logo, giving it a streamlined but familiar appearance.
Since this rebranding was a recent development, much of my work below will feature the original logo.
Old logo on left, featuring hard corners. The new logo on the right, with rounded corners and a blue gradient.
UGlu Branding
One product line in particular - UGlu - became increasingly popular with event decor and balloon art professionals during my tenure. We received a flood of requests for UGlu branded marketing materials and swag.

I developed UGlu's branding and found creative ways to use it in our marketing.
On the left is the UGlu logo, with a slight 3D effect and a drop shadow. It features a light green oval, with the "U" stamped out of the oval, and the letter Glu in dark blue on top of the oval. On the right is a different version of the logo, with no 3D effect or drop shadow, just shapes. There are also 3 balloons in a red-orange hue artfully arranged around the logo.

While the original UGlu logo remains in use mainly for packaging, my redesigned logo was used for a variety of print and digital products.
Screenshots from instagram stories, showing various influencers either wearing tshirts with the UGlu logo on it, or using GIF stickers with the UGlu logo.
That included, among other things:
Two photos. First photo shows a neon sign designed like the UGlu logo. The 2nd shows various large vertical and horizontal banners with UGlu branding and product information.
Web Design
Starting in 2021, I collaborated with our team's web developer to redesign the site. View the website redesign project.
Web UI for Quick Links
One small but impactful project I initiated was this "Quick Links" page for our Instagram.

I was inspired to create our own "Linktree," which allows us to place one link in our Instagram that would redirect followers to multiple pages on our site.

I designed the UI and simple interactions in Adobe XD, and worked with our web developer to implement it.
Two iPhone mockups, showing the front of the phone screen. The first phone shows the quick links page design. It has a dark blue to medium blue gradient background. The Pro Tapes logo is at the top, in a circle frame. There five black buttons and one golden yellow button below, with labels like "Where to Buy" and "Buy Now." The 2nd phone mockup is placed slightly overlapping the first. On this phone, we see the same menu, but mocked up as if someone is tapping on one of the buttons, to show how the button changes appearance (it has no fill, and has a white border instead.)
Social Media
Branding on Social
I established an art direction for social media by working iteratively and reviewing our social media analytics.
A screenshot from a mobile view of Instagram. We see the protapes page, with their follower count, profile bio, and a cropped view of the latest posts. On the right are 3 isolated post designs; one for the zodiac signs as tapes, one for pride month featuring a rainbow of tape colors arranged in a square border, and a "color of the year" post that looks like a paint swatch with a color sample and tape floating out from the color. 

A text quote below this says: "Social Growth. Between 2019-2023, I was able to grow our Instagram following by 340%. We received 50-100 referrals for our distributors per month via social marketing alone."
Content for Social & Ads
I also filmed and edited over a dozen videos using Pro products, several of which I used for social ad campaigns.
Screenshots from two videos Irene created, a screenshot showing a Youtube playlist featuring various product demos, and screenshots of pins from Pinterest with engagement metrics.
Digital & Print Ads
Publication Ads
I designed several print and digital ad campaigns for publications covering key markets (fine arts, education, entertainment, manufacturing, and others.)
A print ad with the text "Welcome Back. We've been waiting for you!" We see an exaggeratedly large roll of black Pro Gaff tape on a stage, with dramatic light beams behind it. A crowd of people are looking up at the stage. The predominant color of the ad is blue.
One of my most popular print ads was the "Welcome Back" design (above) featuring Pro Gaff.

It was intended to celebrate the entertainment industry's revival after the 2020 pandemic.

This ad was featured in LSI Magazine, Lighting and Sound America (LSA), Mondo DR, TPI, Stage Directions, and PLSN.
A photo of a black roll of Pro Gaff sitting on a desk, unedited. We can see computer speakers and water bottles in the background, implying the home office location. Two small stock photos appear to the right, one of a stage with a light show, and one of an audience looking up at a stage.
These campaigns for Art Diction magazine are my personal favorites:
A photo of two rolls of tape, yellow and black, appearing to float against a wall as they stand top-down, towards the viewer. We then see how this photo was photoshopped into a print ad, where the rolls were isolated, brightened, and then placed on a geometric background made up of pale color and black arranged as overlapping triangles and straight lines. The ad text says "Paint Straight Lines - Professionally!" with content describing the two masking tape products shown.A slim rectangular banner ad in the same style as the former print ad.A print ad featuring lots of different tape products for photography, film, drawing, and painting. There is text describing each product, and it is creatively bent to follow the contours of each product image, often looking wavy. The background is a mix of softly graded pastel colors, making a pleasing soft rainbow effect. The ad text says "Professional adhesive tape solutions."
Large Format
I designed several large format banners for in-house use and trade shows. Below are banners I designed for our booth at the Adhesive & Bonding Expo.
My largest project* was this printed mural below, designed to honor Pro Tapes' history on its 45th anniversary. This mural is displayed on the main steps leading to the company offices.

*Quite literally - the file was massive! Take a peek at what the mural looks like in-person.
We see the flat layout of a large scale mural documenting highlights of Pro Tapes' history. There is a timeline running from 1977 up to 2022, with lead lines going up from the timeline to various photos and descriptive text content. The background of this mural is a greyscale blending of 3 large photos, from the original building to a trade show to the current warehouse.
Small Format
I designed a variety of small format materials, from brochures, to tape color swatch sheets, post cards, and more.

I also had the chance to design unique illustrations and logos for promotional swag and in-house branding. Below was one of my most popular designs, made to honor Pro Tapes' history.
An illustration in a vertical rectangle aspect ratio. The background is a deep vivid blue, and the imagery and text is in white. We see the shape of a New York style building, with four floors and a sign that says "Pro Tape & Supply Inc." Surrounding it is the Pro logo, a title that says "Our History" and "founded in 1977" with additional text about their history. On the right is a photo clearly of the real location of the original building.Now we see the same artwork printed in two places: One, on the back of a light grey or white hoodie. Two, filling the left page of a manual, with other content about the company on the right page (we can see this because someone is holding the manual open on a table.)
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