Hi, I'm Irene! And I do

UX/UI Design.

Featuring 4+ years of experience in visual design, content, and research, with a passion for the arts and a background in education & marketing.

Featured Projects

UX/UI for Gaming Coursework
UI Art
ELVTR  | 2022
B2B Catalog Website Redesign
Pro Tapes | 2023
The Duelyst 2 logo, with the text "in development" beneath it. In the background we see a faded copy of environment art from the game, with a small figure carrying a staff looking out into the landscape featuring a waterfall, rocky cliffs, and sweeping snowy plains.
UI Refresh for Card Battle Game
Dream Sloth Studios | Coming 2023

Resume & Skills Summary

Content Strategist & Brand Designer

Pro Tapes | 2019 - Present

  • Redesigned the company website using wireframing, hi-fi mockups with annotations, and prototypes to communicate with developers and stakeholders
  • Matured the content strategy and branding across the company using design thinking and data to inform decisions

UX/UI Consultant

Self-Employed | 2022 - Present

  • Collaborating with design agencies and indie game studios to design visually appealing user experiences and perform user research
  • Methods include: qualitative research & analysis, wireframes, UI design, prototypes

UXR skills

  • Mixed methods research skills
  • User personas, user flows, user journeys
  • Affinity mapping
  • Creates digestible presentations to share research results

UI DESIGN skills

  • Highly skilled in UI creation using Figma, Photoshop,
    & Illustrator
  • Designs for scalability; creates reusable components
  • Efficiently develops style/brand guides and follows established styles
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